About Ysmael

Lima, Peru

Ysmael Campos was born in Lima, Peru. For most of his childhood,  he lived in the capital of Lima, in a district called San Martin de Porres and his neighborhood was Av. Peru. In 1994, his dad immigrated to the United States. With his support and his mom’s dedication, Ysmael was able to enroll in a good school in the Miraflores district. The year 2001 is an unforgettable year for all Americans and in his case, it is also an important year but for good reasons. The first one is that his sister, Sadith, was going to give birth to her first newborn and Ysmael’s first nephew; the second one was that he was going to move to the United States to live with his dad and siblings. For the most part of his years in the United States, he has lived in Mountain View, California. It is there that he finished his high school and later on graduated from UCLA with a major in Spanish Literature. Currently he works in the educational sector and hopes to publish his first book soon.