A Country Full of Joy and Rhythm

Brazil was the first country I traveled to without making any prior plans and all by myself. I had traveled by myself before but only to Peru and within the States. Brazil was my first experience as a real adventurer. I didn’t know anybody there and my only advantage was that I knew Portuguese. Overall my stay was a blast and I made so many friends during my stay of almost a month.  People were really friendly and always happy to help foreigners with any type of question. Brazil is a country where people have the rhythm of the music on their feet and soul. It is such a pleasure to see so many people dance on the streets for any occasion. As a kid, I always dreamt of going to Brazil and attending a game at the mythical Maracanã Stadium.  As my Korean friend told me, I had to visit the “Jerusalem of football”. Now as an adult I can say dreams do come true and I can’t wait till my next visit to this magical land.

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