Poem by Hadil Diaf

Heart amnesia

It only takes two beats

One to forget

One to remember

How to forget

What can’t be forgotten

One beat more

I can’t feel the pain

I can’t feel the hurting

My heart is numb

Deserted by love

Deserted by hatred

All what’s left

Is past shreds

From lost times

No excitement

No fear or regret

No remorse, no target

My heart is dead

One more beat

Something’s coming

A wandering feeling

Perhaps another wave

Of disappointment

But it’s something


In my abandoned heart

Perhaps it’s still alive

Still vibrating

With a thousand emotion

A thousand season

Nothing comes

Just the emptiness

Calling for me

Waiting for the collapse

Of my all

Into the infinite vacuum

My heart is numb

It stopped beating

I stopped feeling

And by life

I was forgotten