Poem – Joy

Joy , paradise filled with those little bubbles

that pop at the translucent dawn.

Just as its brightness  turns on,

one can perceive its soft biosphere

that per chance emits shooting stars

near that golden moon.


Joy, whirlwind of unattainable emotions,

for the one that isn’t worthy.

The old tale tells that you are situated

in the deepest part of the heart tucked with golden bows

surrounded by a thousand unicorns, white as the snow

tender as those little toes.


Joy, redeemer, eclipse that shines in the distance.

Many are the ones who feel your fleeting mantle.

The epic feats of dreamers are written in your name.

Who wouldn’t give their fortune to caress your inner warmth,

which lies in your depths

Joy, bring together your children in the everlasting shoot of spring.