Poetry 2018

Bury Me

Bury me in your dreams.

Bury me in the deepest part of your soul.

Bury me in the sweet smile of yours.

But never wake me up.

Because I prefer to be in your heaven,

than to be alive and without you.

My Last Day

Play that sweet verse with your lips.

Let me listen to the melody that comes from your heart,

one last time.

Let us dance through the night.

For tomorrow will come

and I won’t be here.

But I’ll always be present in the memories we lived together.

And never forget, that without you I wouldn’t have lived.

Our Moon

Sooner or later,

we will see each other again.

Time has kept us apart

but I’ve found a way,

to make June our moon.

It is there, where we should meet again.

They call it a satellite,

I call it my paradise.